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A bogie tank wagon from Nitro Nobel in Gyttorp. The bogies comes from Ecore, the tank is scratch built.
Hamra in progress. It started of as a kitbashing project based on Backwoods Miniatures Mexican O&K Mallet, but there is not so many parts left from that kit... More pics of the 95% ready model here.
A class Ip wagon for 891mm gauge in On3. The kit is made by Erik Walde.
A 0n2 Jung Zl233 diesel from Holger Jeworowski. This loco went through some ups and downs. I bought it in blue livery but while weathering the air brush gave an unexpected “ketchup” effect... Thus I repainted it yellow and invested some time in hand painting a “rusty” look. As a final stage some dirt should be air brushed on it. And guess what happend? No ketchup, but far to much dirt effectively covered the rusty finish - but I don´t have energy to repaint again...
Signs etchings for privat projects. Some signs will stay black like the ones below, some will be painted red-brown with corresponding white dry transfers rubbed on. As a reference the letters “Lokomotivfabrik Drewitz” are 0.76 mm tall.
My SJ Is wagon (O-Scale-Models repaint) has received a coal load
My 0n2 Shay loco has been finalised.