How it began, some history

It all began with a Märklin start kit at about 5-6 years age, the one with a steam loco and green waggons lettered “Göppingen”. Later this loco was converted to my first 016,5 narrow gauge vehicle as on the picture above. The re-building was strongly influenced by Hans Svenssons articles on this subject in Allt om Hobby during the 80´s.

Before starting with narrow gauge I had a Märklin layout in my childhood room, here a picture from about 1980 with an SJ class Rc and passenger coaches.

After the conversion of my first Märklin loco to 016,5 narrow gauge I was hooked. Here is a Bagnall loco from Roy C. Link, my first brass kit. It never ran as intended but I learned a lot.

During my University years I built a few standard gauge kits in H0. Here a SJ class E machine and an MDR inspection car captured on Per-Axel Lodö´s layout in Luleå around 1993-94.


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