0n3 models

SJ class Gsp boxcar no 300116, originally delivered to Växiö - Åseda - Hultsfreds railway in 1923. The model is built from an early etching of Erik Walde.

SJ NNsp stake waggon no 320937, originally from Uddevalla - Lelången banan (ULB). I´ve also built a version without brake, no 320935.

SJ class NNmp stake waggon no 320850 , originally delivered to Växiö - Klavreström - Åseda railway in 1909.

More pics on a separate Z4p page

The brass skeleton before painting.

The suspension system used on several of my 0n3 waggons.


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Above an SJ tankwaggon class Q12 loaded on a Q37p narrow gauge transporter, more pics on a separate page.

A speeder from Schnellenkamp.