0n2 models

This is my very first scratch built loco, “Ohs”. The prototype was re-built from a steam loco very similar to “Virå” in 1938. It´s driven by a 5-pole Mashima motor, has a big fly-wheel and transmitts the power through a rubberband. The prototype can be found at the museum railway at Ohs bruk in Sweden.

This Simplex loco is based on an old Roy C Link kit. I´ve scratch built a cab as on a prototype at Gyttorp´s Railway. It´s driven by a 1016 Faulhaber motor and double reduction gears - the top speed is less than 10 km/h...

“Karin” is based on a Quarry Hunslet chassis from Branchlines. The body is scratch built inspired by the German Feldbahn loco type. All rivets are hand punched...

“Virå”, read more about this loco under “Ljungs mechanical”. This is the pilot model for the first kit I produced, later followed by a serial production of 18 units.

An American 13t Shay loco, only a few details missing.


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“Virå” has got a sister, “Stafsjö”. Several detail corrections and weathering is still to be done.
Hamras, more pics on a separate page.