Comming 1:45 models

The class NN wagon can be extended, just like the prototype, to a low side gondola class I or a char coal wagon class L. Thus four different wagons can be built from the same chassis! The class I and class L body kits are not yet ready.



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Here an example of etched signs covered by dry transfers created from the same master - the idea is to create a 3D feeling of a cast sign. More exampels of the etched signs under Models/Workbench.

The Munkedal Railway bogie coach class Co is being shipped!

A Jönköping - Gripenbergs Railway (JGJ) bogie coach class Co is being developed.

Here a test bogie with split frame current collection intended for interior lightning. A brief description will be included in my upcomming passenger coach kits.

A Jönköping - Gripenbergs Railway (JGJ) combined post- and boxcar class DGo is being considered.