01-11-02: Helena on a first horse back riding lecture in Switzerland

01-12-02: Lussekatter and meatballs for christmas

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02-01-11: The first skating tour in Switzerland. It´s very rare but for a couple of days the Greifensee has been frozen and the ice is perfect!
09-09: We’ve moved to Malaga in Spain!

07-08-28: We’ve moved to Dalian in China for a year or two! Follow our adventure here!

05-12-23: Christmas in Norrköping!
In the following weeks we visited Lasse&Cecilia close to Värnamo, Peter&Ylva in Trollhättan and Henny&Erik with their newborn little cutie Alma in Gävle.

03-03-29: We´ve moved! The house with a view over the alps in Wald has been exchanged for a flat in Zurich Affoltern. Many thanks to the moving team!

05-12: Feuerzangbohle with Andre, Steffi & Matthias

2011-09: We’ve moved to Stockholm and bought a red house!