Sebastian Ljung, born 01-04-01 01:47
1,7 kg
43 cm

Zeb on the web

12-04-01: Finally at home, Zeb in grandma Karin´s basket - excellent!

Archive 1

15-04-01: Surprising snowfall in mid April - not funny for the storch (or is it a duck?)

15-04-01: Helena and Zeb with the beautiful

23-04-01: Zeb can still be hold with one hand at 2,3 kg

23-04-01: Helena and Barbara walking in the

28-04-01: Grandma Karin and uncle Staffan visiting

11-05-01: Aunt Henny and her Erik meets Zeb

Zeb can already eat by himself - not too bad if you´re 5 weeks old!

03-06-01: Matt and Virginie in the Alps

20-05-01: Sleeping with grandma Nina