Egypt 1999 together with Matthew and Virginie

Helena watching a total solar eclipse in France 1999

Honeymoon in the Philipines 2000. Motorbiking, swimming but mostly excellent scuba diving.

Family trips 1999-2000

Ballon trip in Switzerland, a birthday present for Helena. Guess if we were surprised then...

...Mattias, a colleague from Adtranz, turns up - he´d got a ballon trip as a birthday present too!

This day began with a train trip on the Furka Bergstrecke, a steam driven cog wheel railway in the Alps. The photo shows Helena resting after a tough trekking from Gletsch up to the glacier - it took us a few hours more than expected...

A boat trip in Stockholm archipilagio

The El Galleon lodge there we stayed for three beautiful weeks.