Zeb was really brave here, doing the full dolphin show program – including a ride between them!

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Rancho Luna - Trinidad - Havana
2006-12-21 to 28

Trinidad, a well preserved town in Spanish colonial style. This is there we spent Christmas. On Christmas eve we made the traditional dance “Sma grodorna” around a sand castle instead of the usual Christmas tree.


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Rancho Luna. An all inclusive resort with almost no guests. Beautiful location with a dolphin show around the corner. The kids soon spoke Spanish with the bar tender: “Quiero Coca-cola” (I want Coke), gracias!

We did spend one night in Varadero. Beautiful beach but bad weather and very touristy. The Latin dance show with the kids was funny though.
Back in Havana. Traditional cars in Lenin park. Bosque Habana with its ghost like forest and last but not least the Malecon, Havana’s famous sea side promenade.