Cayo Levisa is a true paradise island. But it doesn’t help: Rain and wind turned our two days here to a rather boring time. We only had sunshine for some 30 min, enough though to make a beach photo…

Puerto Esperanza, a small fishing village outside the normal tourist routes. Here we ate excellent lobster for the same price as the normal chicken meal. In town we got these grasshoppers made from palm leaves from some locals – they are supposed to bring luck. This is also the place there 15 girls in the age of 7-15 left their dancing course to kiss Sebastian on his cheeks. He didn’t like it. We’ll see how things are in 10 years.

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Cayo Levisa - Maria la Gorda - Matanzas
2007-12-08 to 17

Santa Lucia, another small village on the north coast. Here Natalia found a friend.


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Maria la Gorda. Rather good scuba diving, saw some lobster and a huge crab. Zeb enjoyed snorkeling around and learned some scuba diving signs.

Matanzas. Here we stayed in a nice casa with “private” pool in the ocean. Transportation in the Cuban way: a big American car from the 50:ies, even Zeb could sit in the front. Natalia entertains herself with simple toys.