China 2007

2007-10-13 Binyugou Valley, some 3 h north of Dalian. Beautiful scenery but a bit kitchy if you look too close. Nearby is the Buyoushan hot springs there we spent a night. This was our first experience with Chinese matresses, i.e. more or less hard as wood.
The next day we went up to Victoria peak with an excellent view over Hong Kong city. Exploration tour with one of the double decker trams.
Down town at Hong Kong island: The Star ferries and the famous light show at night. Natalia did some appretiated street dancing (video).
We went out to the fishing village Sai Kung, with a double decker bus ofcourse. Nice bathing, fine sea food and relaxed atmosphere.
2007-10-18 to 23 Hong Kong: Disneyland, well guess if the kids liked it? This day there was a local holiday in Hong Kong and the evening was finished off with a massive fire work. Quite impressive together with all the other colours.
07-11-03 Beijing, Forbidden city: Home of the Ming and Qing dynasties for more than 500 years.
07-11-04 Cuandixia is an ancient village from the 15th century about 2h west of Beijing. A place full of charm there the time stands still.
07-11-05 The Great wall at Mutianyu - indeed a mighty place! We had the pleasure to see it without too many tourists. Video.