I'm working as General Manager for a Spanish High Speed Train production plant. Bombardier currently produce the new AVE S112 Power Heads in a Renfe (Spanish State Railways) maintenance depot.

Prior to Spain I worked as a Project Engineer on a Chinese project, the HXD3B loco. It is with 9,6 MW the currently most powerful freight loco in the world!

An other major project was the IORE locomotives for MTAB in northern Sweden. They transport iron ore from the mines in the inland to the coasts of Sweden and Norway.

Previously I´ve been working with projects for India and Italy. The work has a many interesting aspects there I deal with technical problems and different cultures. To the left a photo from some test trials with the WAP-5 loco in India.

But let´s start from the beginning: I’ve been studying for a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Luleå Technical University with a focus on fluid dynamics.

My first job was for the Norwegian company Kvaerner Pulping in Karlstad. There I made Finite Element calculations of machinery for the pulp industry.

My second job was for the newly formed Adtranz, one of the largest train manufacturer. At the hub in Västerås I was working with aerodynamics for high speed trains. The main subjects were side wind stability, pressure shocks in tunnels and aerodynamic drag. I was leading the company’s international Advanced Technology Project within this field but the work also included practical pressure measurements of a train passing a tunnel. The combination of an international atmosphere and a mixture of theoretical and practical tasks were great fun!

In 1998 I joined the International Vehicle Engineer program within Adtranz. After some education at the head office in Berlin I was placed in Pittsburgh for half a year working with People movers (automatic trains for airports etc). This is there I met my wife Helena, a start of a beautiful relationship.

In 1999 we moved to Zurich in Switzerland, both with a job at Adtranz, now Bombardier Transportation.

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