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We met each other in Pittsburgh, US, in 1998. Since 1999 we´re working in Switzerland.

Born 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden

More about what I do at work on a separate page.
I grew up in Degerfors and Karlskoga, two neighbour towns close to Vänern, the largest lake of Sweden.

I studied for a M.Sc. in mechanics in Luleå 1989-94. During this time I also made my military service on the ice breaker Frej, below a photo in the port of Luleå.



My main hobby is to design and build model trains.

Else I enjoy mountain trekking, hunting and fishing, simply being out in the nature. I also like to discover exotic parts of the world, often combined with scuba diving. Skiing is another passion of mine, both down hill and cross country.


Born 1970 in Cheboksary, Russia, German citizen

My home city Cheboksary is a nice city at the Volga river. At the age of 7 my family moved to Rudnyj, Kazakhstan. Two years later we came back and stayed there until we moved to Germany in 1994. I’m from a family of ”Volga Germans”, that’s why I’m a German citizen and why one day we moved to Germany. (We were one of the last of our family still staying in Russia at that time point.)

I studied for a M.Sc. in Electro-physics in Cheboksary 1987-92. Then I worked at my university as an engineer until 1994.

My second study was for a M.Sc. in Electro-technique in Karlsruhe, Germany, 1995-1999. I made my diploma thesis at Adtranz in Pittsburgh, USA, were Toby and me met each other.

My main hobby is painting, but also being out in the nature, trekking, skiing, scuba diving and especially travelling.

At the time I’m working for Bombardier Transportation in Zurich with train control software.